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Our goal at Pignatare & Sagan is to maximize your wealth. Whether yours is a multi million dollar company, a small sole proprietorship, or an individual all of our clients benefit from this philosophy.  We will provide you with the correct answer to a question, or the most likley and reasonable conclusion to a hypothetical even if the answer or conclusion is not what you want to hear.  Said another way, part of our responsibility is to give you all of the information you need to make the right decision, take the right action and minimize the possibility that you end up in trouble down the road.
In addition to high quality services, we also offer:




Private Client Portal through Citrix 

Electronic Signature through Right Sign 

All clients of Pignatare & Sagan have the option of transmitting and receiving sensitive information through a private client portal, to which you are the only one that has access.  We can place financial statements, tax returns or other information in your portal for your review.  Or, if you need to get us information, you can go to the portal and upload the information so we can download it. All information can also be sent through citrix in an encrypted email.
This allows for all important and sesnsitive documents (i.e. tax returns, engagement letters, representation letters etc.) to be signed electronically, at your discretion.  This means if you choose to sign electronically, there will be no need for you to stop by our office to sign something or wait to get it in the mail and return it to us.  This speeds up the processing of your information, cutting down turn around time for completion of our assignment.

Electronic Filing for all Clients

Guidance and assistance after the fact

 All tax returns, for all states can be filed electronically through us.  That means corporate, partnership, non-profit and personal returns can be filed quickly and you receive the assurance that the return has been received and accepted by the IRS.
Just because the engagement ends it does not mean that the client relationship does.  We remain available to all of our clients after the engagement ends to provide any assistance we can.  At our discretion there is not usually  a charge (or there is a discounted charge) for these services, even if they are not related to the previously completed engagement.

Investment Division

 Pignatare & Sagan LLC has recently started an investment division to assist our clients with their financial planning for their future needs.  A fully licensed invesment counselor is available to review your portfolio and draft an approach to better suit your needs, if possible, at no charge to you.
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